Box Manufacturing in Jacksonville, FL

Jax Box employees have decades of experience in the box manufacturing business. We can take care of all of your cardboard needs to ship your products and can handle orders of any size, large or small. A minimum unit amount is required.

We are capable of lowering your long term packaging costs. Your firm needs to have someone looking out for your bottom line. We would love to have you over for a tour of our facility and provide you with a line item comparison of your needs to make sure your being taken care of.

We are one of very few firms that manufactures and sells out of our actual plant.

When you choose to do business with Jax Box, you are not merely dealing with a distributor or some corporate owner you will never meet, we want to treat you like family.

It is important to us that you deal with a business that will not raise rates without notification or proper cause. We are more than happy to perform inspections of inventory for you to ensure your ordering stays in-line with your usage.